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Enginologi’s cloud-based advanced analytics platform helps you accelerate your brand’s revenue and profit. Our patented technology provides all the tools you’ll need to quickly prioritize marketing and sales investments. By empowering your teams with actionable insights into how to affect customer behavior, you can optimize targeting, engagement strategy and commercial effectiveness with the click of a button.

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Enginologi’s patented technology helps increase commercial performance and boost profits by enabling brand managers and analytics professionals need to quickly evaluate and drive desired customer behavior.

Reviews and Testimonials

Director Promotion Optimization
Director Promotion OptimizationTop 10 Pharma Company, USA

“When the launch of one of our key products stalled, we deployed Enginologi’s solutions to precisely pinpoint where and how we can accelerate uptake. We identified opportunities that allow us to double our growth.”

Senior Director
Senior DirectorTop 5 Biotech Company, USA

“We had a challenge in finding sufficient analytical talent with both strong technical and business skills – with Enginologi we did not have to. Their technologies could easily be used by our business analysts and turned data into actionable recommendations.”

Country President (Top 10 Pharma)
Country President (Top 10 Pharma)Country President (Top 10 Pharma)

“Thank you for working with my team to build the first $1BN product in our geography.”

VP Customer Engagement
VP Customer EngagementLarge Pharma, Japan

“We decided to drop the promotion of one of our mature brands to free up capacity for a launch product. Enginologi’s technology convinced us to promote both products in a synergistic fashion and protect the core business while accelerating the growth of our next gen blockbuster.”

Sr Director Commercial Analytics
Sr Director Commercial AnalyticsMedium Biotech, USA

“Using Enginologi’s solutions we were able to save on headcount while at the same time get better quality answers to a higher volume of business questions faster.”

Enginologi helps companies:

Commercialize New Products
Evaluate responsive customer segments and detect early signs of commercial success to pinpoint which launch activities are most impactful.
Maximize Brand Revenue & Profit
Analyze multiple channels and isolate their individual revenue contributions to optimize your promotional mix and regain market share.
Fine Tune In Real-Time
Utilize patented technology to dynamically organize data and quickly identify growth opportunities in minutes, rather than days.
Identify Key Influencers
Leverage the most effective partners for your Peer-to-Peer programs and identify the right advocates to drive the greatest impact.
Isolate Channel & Message Response
Quickly identify messages and channels that trigger the highest adoption and repeat use.
Manage Brand Cannibalization
Optimize trade-offs and cross-promotional opportunities between new and mature products to drive uptake while maintaining the core business.

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