Determine how sales, marketing, managed markets, patient and physician services can work better together.

eRESPONDER predicts individual response to messages and channels empowering sales and marketing teams to optimize their promotional mix and boost profits.

Regain Lost Market Share

Develop a detailed action plan to exploit a broad range of opportunities to regain market share.

Optimize Resource Allocation

By approaching resource allocation from the ground up, eRESPONDER analyzes your initiatives customer by customer and maximizes the effect of your investments.

Improve Execution Capabilities

eResponder empowers your sales teams with a clear understanding which promotional activities and messages show exceptional results customer by customer.

With eRESPONDER, brand leaders and analysts can:

  • Easily run investment scenarios to understand the outcome from competing promotional strategies.
  • Secure the necessary investments for your brand by maximizing the impact of your marketing, sales and patient services budgets.
  • Optimize promotional mix by effectively isolating channel and message response to target the right messages to the right customers.
  • Gain insight into individual customer responses, limiting time wasted on messages that do not work.

Enginologi understands how important your existing brands are to your bottom line. By pointing you to the optimal promotion strategy – customer by customer – you ensure that marketing and sales resources are being used effectively and, most importantly, that you’re maximizing their impact.

Start increasing sales today.