Go beyond segment-level analysis and gain insight in to what drives each individual customer.
Product and Brand Leaders

From successfully executing product launches to growing market share for mature brands, a brand manager’s time is both valuable and scarce. Despite so many resources spent on analyzing brand performance, brand leaders struggle to get answers to their most pressing business issues quickly.

With our advanced analytics platform Enginologi simplifies how product and brand leaders derive actionable insights from their data, reducing time and money spent on commercial analytics, streamlining the launch process and increasing the value of established brands.

Directors of Analytics, Customer Engagement, and Data Strategy

Today’s analytics and data sourcing organizations face high expectations to deliver insights to help brand teams grow sales and save costs. Additionally, it is often very challenging to find the individuals with the combination of analytical skills and business acumen to provide actionable recommendations to support brand success.

Enginologi empowers business analysts to obtain the results of very complex and powerful analytics without the use of SQL, SAS or R. By simplifying the analytics process, our platform enables you to automate routine analyses and focus on finding staff who can ask the right questions about your business to provide critical insights when needed.

Marketing, Sales and Commercial Operations Leaders

Pharma, biotechnology and medical device companies spend billions of dollars on marketing and sales. Traditional promotion response estimation and optimization at the segment level leads to missed opportunities to optimize content and channel at the customer level.

Enginologi helps fill important gaps in customer profiles related to particular message and channel responsiveness. Utilizing our technology, marketing and sales leaders can leverage one-on-one marketing and sales execution capabilities to save headcount while pinpointing where and how to accelerate uptake.

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